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Weekly Health/Inner Post: Number 13: How to see the human energy field/aura

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

First exercise (alone):

  • Go outside when the sky is blue

  • Stick out your hands with the fingers spread towards the blue sky (not towards the sun)

  • Relax your mind

  • Focus your attention on the area outside your fingers (half a centimeter more or less)

  • Within a minute, you will see a blurry glowing layer around your fingers

  • Now move the tips of your fingers towards each other, but not let them touch

  • Move them apart again.....towards each other again....apart again

  • By doing this motion, you will see like layers of blurry light, colours, or black lines between your finger tops

  • Hold your hands steady again against the blue sky

  • A clear layer of blurry or coloured energy can now be seen around your hands and fingers

  • The calmer the mind, the easier the energy field can be seen. Practicing leads to results.

Second exercise (alone):

  • Sit in front of a mirror

  • Relax your mind

  • Focus 30 centimeter above your head with your vision relaxed

  • Now slowly focus your attention downwards, towards the side of your head and your shoulders

  • After a while you will start seeing a blurry layer around your head and shoulders, often different colours can be seen

  • The more relaxed you are, the less in ´thinking´ mode, the easier the aura can be perceived

Third exercise (2 people):

  • Person number 1 sits on a chair in front of a white wall

  • Person number 2 sits 5 meters away on a chair

  • Person number 2 focuses with his attention 30 centimeter above the head of person number 1. Relax the mind, focus on the white area above the head of person number 1

  • After a while person number 2 will see a blurry layer of glowing or colourful energy around person number 1´s head

  • Person number 2 focuses his attention above and around the body of person number 1 and in time will see the entire aura surrounding the body of person number 2

  • Switch places and do the same

Goal of the exercises:

  • realize there is more in life than only rational thinking

  • realize each person has an energy field

  • learn to distinguish different colours in the energy field surrounding people

  • interesting exercise to do alone or with friends or partner. Buy a book on what the different colours in the aura mean

  • training the mind to see energy like this is very relaxing since it is a non-thinking/non-rational activity

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