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Recommended websites:

Inner development: ​


Presentations and talks by intersting people 

Charles Eisenstein

Chief Seattle’s 1854 Speech

TCM/Taoist University

Universal healing tao

Dark room enlightenment experience:

Food matters documentary recommendations

Permaculture/gardening/building websties

Permaculture forum

Box to grow trees in.

Wikipedia for plants/permaculture etc:

Home-grown food

Organic Farming/Permaculture volunteering worldwide

Martin Crawford Website Forest Gardens & Agroforestry

Free E-Books on Gardening/Permaculture/Health/Spirituality

A Network of Farmers, Engineers, and Supporters Building the Global Village Construction Set

Gaia aqua

Water vitaliser

Ann Miller’s speciality mushrooms

7000 edible plants Ken Fern


Appropriate Technology Reference Library: the latest edition guide to practical books on village and small community technology: hundreds of book and documents.

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