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Weekly Health/Inner Development Post: Number 16: How to prevent (crypto)trading addiction

Addiction to trading is not something new or recent, but this phenomenon seems to be particularly widespread among crypto-traders. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • crypto-markets are open 24/7, 365 days a year, while the normal stock market has fixed hours

  • gains/losses (volatility) is even higher than in normal markets, creating even higher dopamine peaks and crashes and the consequent addictive effects on behavior

  • crypto trading culture is dominated by mainly adolescent and young adult men with many out of control ego´s who lack the ability for self-reflection or self-limitation

How to prevent trading addiction:

  • learn to observe your own behavior. Become aware of the ´highs´ and ´lows´ and why this happens

  • create a schedule for yourself when you trade (work) which feels comfortable without putting pressure on yourself. Having a schedule does not mean being rigid, there can always be exceptional events or circumstances or times for more activity (like now in the bull-market in crypto), but having a schedule means creating a good life/work balance which is healthy

  • look away from the screen at regular intervals when you work, take breaks, go for walks, breathe, meditate or just allow yourself to be

  • take periods (weekends, weeks, months) totally off from trading, and totally, means totally. No looking at graphs, no trading, no reading about money, no dopamine stimulation at all. If you claim not to be addicted or susceptible to it...try it...because in case you cannot do are at least aware of it and can act before it becomes too bad

  • reflect on your long term plans/goals and see if you are getting caught up too much in the ´hype´ of the bull-market or the ´depression´ of the bear-market. Learning to observe yourself is the first step towards mental detachment and hence becoming a much better trader/investor

  • make sure your bedroom is ´electronic-free´. No phone in bed, no looking at screens in bed, no trading on laptop or iPad in bed. Insulate electric cables in the bedroom so your body and mind has a break from all the electro-magnetic exposure

  • no use of stimulating products which make the highs and lows even worse: energy drinks, alcohol, drugs, too much coffee, etc. Good healthy alternative?: Chaga (see earlier post on chaga).

  • most importantly: have a life outside of trading and crypto. What is the point of getting wealthy, or successful, when in its wake there is no life outside of the computer, no peace of mind, or not even time to take a proper break or holiday? The entire idea that to be successful, you have to destroy yourself, or suffer pain, or become some kind of Elon Musk working machine (all respect for him of course) is simply not true. I observe this a lot among what society considers ´successful´ people: a lack of development besides using the rational part of the brain (although this is not surprising of course, because we do not live in a society where inner reflection, finding out what the ´I´ really is, or inner development are stimulated at all). There is an entire other side to life than the rational, thinking, analysing, very ´yang´ side of existence. This side consists of learning how to really feel and use your senses, develop intuition, feeling energetic balance, grounding, and allowing yourself time and freedom to explore these inner aspects of life and yourself which most societies/cultures completely ignore

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1 Comment

Bassiru Dieye Bobis
Bassiru Dieye Bobis
May 22, 2021

Very important points to be taken into account and do not let the euphoria and other feelings take control of your actions. Need to acknowledge that I have suffered some of them (and still) Thanks for your tips Tim.

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