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Weekly Health/Inner Development Post: Number 15: How to recover fast from fatigue, burn-out & stress

A lot of people suffer from low energy levels, fatigue, burn-out, stress, or a general weak state of mind and body. Some of the points mentioned here might make eyebrows frown, but they are well known in Chinese (Taoist) and Ayurvedic medicine or any other energy related discipline. To rapidly increase energy levels:

  • be celibate at least a month, or drastically reduce orgasm/sexual/masturbation/ejaculation frequency. In the beginning it is hard, but the effects will be noticed very fast. Sexual energy is the battery of the human body and conserving it will rapidly increase your energy levels. To understand this, for men, read ´Taoist secrets of love´, by Mantak Chia,. For women ¨Healing love through the Tao´. Highly recommended also ´The sex connection´, by Alan Fitzpatrick. Learning how to properly recycle sexual energy in the body (through the Microcosmic orbit meditation) is never mentioned by all the mainstream psychologists or burn-out recovery systems, while it is an absolutely crucial point. The reason so many people cannot recover properly is because they are not aware that the biggest drain on the human energy system is losing sexual energy through ejaculation/menstruation/excessive masturbation/too high orgasm frequency.

  • open the energy/acupuncture channels in your body through using taoist meditation or any other energy practice. There is no point in trying to cure yourself with exercise, nutrition, or other methods if the flow of energy in the body is impaired. Increased energy flow enhances the body´s ability to recover and absorb nutrients from healthy food.

  • ketogenic diet: eliminate most sugars and carbohydrates. Increase the intake of protein and green vegetables. This will give the body´s hormonal system and insulin levels a proper way to recover

  • eliminate stimulants: caffeine, energy drinks, alcohol, drugs, watching porn, etc. Anything which triggers too much dopamine or adrenaline release has to be cut back.

One does not have to become some kind of monk or nun, but the more you apply these points in your life, the faster one will recover from fatigue, burn-out, heavy stress, etc. It will take a while for the body to adapt and heal itself, but years of abuse cannot be fixed in a week. These points can nevertheless drastically increase the speed of recovery.

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