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Recommended documentaries, movies, series


Website with lots of documentaries:

Climate Change

Vandana Shiva in Totnnes

11th hour

An inconvenient truth

Story of cap and trade

Ecoplaza Paradise

Global Change 2009

Our local Future

Six Degrees Could Change the world

The great global Warming Swindle

The Gulf stream and the next ice age



Lama’s project


The greatest movie ever sold


BBC Documentary – Stupidity

Consuming Kids

Store Wars

Ted - Trash

Story of stuff

Story of bottled water

Story of carbon trading

Story of cosmetics

Story of electronics

Story of citizens united vs FEC

Surplus – Terrorized into being Consumers

Democratic Education


What would jesus buy


Gonzo – The life and work of Dr Hunter S. Thompson

If Drugs Were legal – BBC

Black tar heroin

Damage done. The drug war odessey

Illegal drugs 1,2,3,4

LSD – the beyond within

LSD Millionaires Operation Julie

LSD Trip or Trap

Square Grouper


Margin Call

The big hort

Capitalism – a love story


Inside Job

Meltdown – The secret history of the global financial collapse

The money masters

Crash Course

Let’s make money

Life and debt

Money as debt

Money as debt 2: Promises Unleashed

The essence of money, a Medieval Tale

The Spirit of Money


Food, Permaculture, Gardening, Sustainability, Animals, Garden Series

Agroforestry (Alleycropping, Forest Farming, Riparian Buffers, Silvopasture, Windbreaks)

A year in a forest Garden with Martin Crawford 

Barefoot College

eSquared – Sustainable Design


Flow for the love of water

Geoff Lawton – Soils 2010

Grand Designs series

Grow your own drugs series

Growing mushrooms


How to be a gardener Series

It’s not easy being green Series

Killer at large – obesity movie

Living in the future series – lamas project

Planet Mechanics

Ray Mears – Bushcraft and Survival series

River Cottage Series

Seed Balls

Supersize me

Tarananki Videos

The Season Series

Victorian Farm Series

30 year old food forest

300 year old food forest

2000 year old food forest

A Farm for the future

All in this tea

Ancient Futures – learning from ladakh

Bill Mollison – Global Gardener 1 – In the tropics

Bill Mollison – Global Gardener 2 – Dry lands

Bill Mollison – Global Gardener 3 – Cool climates

Bill Mollison – Global Gardener 4 - Urban

Bill Mollison – In grave Danger of falling food

Bill Mollison – Small solutions to enormously large problems


Compost Heated Shower

David HOlgren – Beyond Sustainability

Dennis Weavers Earthships

Dirt the movie


Emilia Hazelip – Synergisitc Garden

Ensuring the future of food

Food Inc.

Food Matters

Forks over Knives


Garbage Warrior

Gardening Australia

Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason

Geoff Lawton – Establishing a Food Forest the Permaculture way

Geoff Lawton – Greening the Desert 1 and 2

Geoff Lawton – Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way

Geoff Lawton – Introduction to Permaculture

How to save the world

King Corn

Meat the truth

L’homme quip lantait des arbres – The man who planted trees

Non Conventional Homes

Paul Stamets – LOHAS 2006 – The Mysteries of Mycology

People Power – Food Shortages, Biofuels

Permaculture and Peak Oil 0 beyond sustainability (inverview with david holgrem)

Permaculture in Practice

Permaculture Robers Hart – Forest Gardening

Polyface farm 1,2

Satoyama, Japanese Secret Watergarden

Sea the truth

Sepp Holzer – Aquaculture

Sepp Holzer – Farming with Nature

Sepp Holzer – Farming with Terraces and raised beds

Sepp Holzer – Permaculture in Alpine Region

Simply Raw – Reversing diabetes in 30 days

Solving all problems - permaculture

Terra Madre

The future of food

The genius of Design

The real dirt on farmer John

The world according to Monsanto

The Cove – Japanese dolphin killing

The Garden 2008

Unsert Taeglich Brot

We Feed the World

Wild fermentation workshop

French Documentaries

Voyage au Congo 1926 Marc Allegret

Alerte a babylone

Batir en bottes de paille

Dieudonne j’ai fais L con 2009

Jean Rouch – Moi un noir (1959)

L’Afrique en morceaux

L’assassinat de Patrice

Health, Brain

Lake of Fire


The boy with the incredible brain

The living matrix

The medicated child


Conrol room

Fuck the corporate media


Nature, Universe, Non-Verbal

BBC – Life in Cold Blood

BBC – Space Odyssey – Voyage to the plantes

BBC Galapagos Series

BBC Life - series

BBC Natural World

BBC Planet Earth 1,2

BBC Our planet

BBC The blue planet

BBC The planets

Encounters at the end of the world

National geographic great migrations

Wonders of the solar system



Fascinating Nature





Winged Migration


The secret of the seven sisters

Energy Fundamentals

A Crude Awakening

A world without oil

Blind spot

Crude ABC

Crude Impact

Earth 2100

Energy Crossroads – a burning need to change course

Escape from suburbia – beyond the American dream


How Cuba survived peak oil

In Transition

No impact Man

Peak Oil – Ian Crane

Peak Oil – Imposed by Nature

Peak oil ride the slide

Tar wars (2009) BBC

The End of Suburbia – Oil Depletion and the end of American empire

The Era of Post Carbon Transition

The great squeeze

Richard Heinberg presentation – Peak Everything

Uranium int.

Uranium dreaming


Adam Curtis Collection (Pandora’s Box, The living Dead, The Mayfair set, the century of self, the power of nightmares, the trap, it felt like a kiss, all watched over by machines of loving grace)

Democratic Education


Guns, Germs and steel

Iraq for sale the War profiteers

Lose Change Final Cut

Nanking Nanking

Taking Liberties Since 1997

Wake up call

Who killed the electric car

Ashes and Snow

Born into Brothels

Bowling for Columbine

Cheney’s law


Dark Days

Darwin’s Nightmare

Darwin’s Nightmare Director Interview

Desire Rover – Vaccinations, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Room

Fahrenheit 911

Flying the Flag Arming the World

Freedom to Fascism

Inside Burma

John Pilger – Obama and Empire

Katanga – The Untold sotry of un betrayal



Les Milliards d’Elf

Louder than Words – the 911 story

Manufactured Landscapes

Manufacturing Consent


Noams Chomsky – Distorted Morality

Sauper Rwanda

Sex Slaves

Sex Trade


The corporation

The Fellowship of the rings of free trade

The Fog of War

The Freedom of Choice

The Heart has its reasons

The new rulers of the world

The obama deception

The revolution will not be televised

The shock doctrine

The yes men fix the world


The war on democracy

Wake up bennys movie

War by other means

War photographer

What a way to go – life at the end of empire

What would it look like

Why we fight


Zeitgeist Addendum

Zeitgeist Moving Forward

Zeitgeist Moving Forward Press Conference

Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Presentation

Peter Joseph – Social Pathology lecture

"Who is Peter Joseph?" Full Version - A Mini-Doc by Charles Robinson


Eckhart Tolle – Touching the eternal and flowering of human consciousness

Adyashanti – awake in the modern world

Mantak Chia – Taoist Yoga Esoteric Series

Osho - Meditations

The Root of all evil – the God delusion/ the virus of faith

Esoteric Agenda


For the bible tells me so

Jesus Camp

Prisoners of a white god


What the bleep do we know?


The spirit molecule (DMT) 


lots of documentaries (most in Dutch):

Recommended movies: 

la belle verte (the beautiful green).

the perfect sense

scent of a woman

coud atlas


das leben der anderen

shutter island


vanilla sky

the matrix trilogy

the graduate

the perfect sense

being there

dark city

tomorrow land

ready player one



matchstick man

margin call

the big short

joe vs the volcano

being there

Recommended series:




mr. robot


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