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Health tips

Serious inner development requires a lot of focus and energy, so maintaining a healthy body is useful:

Drink chaga (6 days a week, one day not)

Learn microcosmic orbit meditation (study universal healing tao system, excellent system for energetic development)

Go for walks

Sleep at least 8 hours a day

Deep breathing




Take naps

Acupuncture or acupressure


Some moderate exercise

Drink Kombucha

Eat enough greens, fruit, mushrooms, proteins and fats

Limit sugar, grains, processed food, carbohydrate consumption

Do not be dogmatic on food

Explore alternative therapies

Fast when sick

One day a week fasting

Do retreats


Be different from the herd


Keep developing on the inside

Learn to use intuition

Limit over-activity mind

One step at a time

Think long term, be present now

When using screens/computer or protection from electromagnetic radiation:

Blue light protection glasses

Earthing mat

Standing desk to prevent back problems

Earthing shoes

Look away every 15 minutes to the distance for 30 seconds

Touch the earth with bare feet every day

Limit screen time with intervals

Limit time of phone in pocket (prevent genitals getting radiated all the time)

Install radiation resistance wires in home

Do not sleep close to power sockets

Discharge static energy by touching earth, tree, water, or metal every day.  

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