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Weekly Health/Inner Development Post: Number 11: Oil Pulling & Dental Health

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice for good dental health


  • Take a tablespoon of oil, for example coconut oil, and put in the mouth

  • Move the oil around in the mouth for 10 minutes without swallowing

  • Spit it out

  • How often and when? Once or twice a day, before going to bed and/or after breakfast


  • less build up of bad bacteria in mouth

  • good for gums

  • reduced bad breath

  • pleasant sensation in mouth afterwards

Dental tips:

  • instead of toothpaste use a good salt (sea salt or Himalayan salt) or oil (coconut oil, neem oil, or other natural oils)

  • use tongue scraper

  • floss

  • reduce sugar intake

  • brush gums with soft toothbrush using downward stroking motion

  • use nails to scratch softly over the front teeth to make them whiter instead of using toxic whiteners

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