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Weekly Health/Inner development post: Number 7: Microcosmic Orbit practice

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Which simple and powerful meditation practice is recommendable? The microcosmic orbit. Eating healthy is useful, exercise too, and many other ´health improving tools´ are used by people nowadays, however, what is often overlooked or simply not known is that it is much more important to get the energy balance in the body right, becoming aware of that energy, and learning how to move and conserve your own energy/life-force. If you are still skeptical of the idea of being able to feel your energy/life-force flow in the body, try this practice (like with anything new in life which you have not experienced, only experiencing it will convince you it exists). This practice (part of the universal healing tao system) is one of the most simple, effective, and powerful methods to achieve that. The microcosmic orbit meditation opens the two main energy channels of the body.; the functional channel, which runs along the front of the body, and the governor channel, which runs along the back of the body.

Advantages of practice?

  • hot and cold energy of body balanced

  • strong detox effect

  • energy stuck in different places of the body becomes well distributed

  • increase of health and fitness with daily practice

  • increased calmness of mind, less thoughts

  • first step in the universal healing tao practice. When one can feel the energy, other energy practices will come easier

  • if practised daily, or twice daily, the healing effects are very strong. Personally, it saved and changed my life when i was young and very ill. I always wished someone had taught me this when i was young. The more you practice, the stronger the effect. In the beginning this will lead to strong detox effects: diarrhea, bad breath, headaches, depending on how out of balance you are. This is all normal. Sleep more and drink more water when this happens

How to do it?

  • Sit on a chair

  • Tongue against your pallet

  • Hands together, legs a bit spread, close your eyes

  • Focus on the navel area 5 cm below the belly button and 5 cm inside the belly

  • If is hard to concentrate, push with your finger on the navel area when you get lost in thoughts

  • Keep concentrating on the navel area. Never force the energy to move. Be gentle; where attention goes, energy flows

  • After a while, you will feel a tingling warmth in the navel area, a nice sensation. This can happen after 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week. Just keep practising daily until you feel it

  • Once you feel it, move that feeling of warmth and tingling down to the next point, the sexual center (balls/penis area or vagina/ovaries area)

  • Once you feel the energy in the sexual center, bring it back to navel.

  • Than on the next point, the perineum: so from navel, to sexual center, to perineum, and back again

  • Only move to the next point when you can properly feel warmth and tingling at the previous point. Every day a bit more. How you know it is working? You will feel it, it is a very distinct sensation

  • To go through all the points, and complete the orbit: move the energy from your navel, to the sexual center (balls or vagina), to the perineum, to the sacrum, to the point between the kidneys on the spine, to the point opposite the solar plexus on the spine, to the point opposite the heart on the spine, to the point opposite the throat on the spine, to the back of the head, to the crown, to the third eye, down through the tongue, down to the throat, to the heart, to the solar plexus, and back to the navel. A full circle connected by the tongue against the pallet (tongue will tingle or feel warm when energy flows in the orbit)

  • For more explanation, see the book: awaken healing energy through the tao, by Mantak Chia.

  • Follow this warm flow all along the points mentioned. Below they are shown on two graphs. A full circle in which the bodily life-force flows: the microcomic orbit.

  • Never force the energy to move. Remember: where attention goes, energy flows. Be gentle.

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