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Weekly health/inner development post: Number 6: Intuition, and how to use it to make decisions

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

One of the most common human behaviors is to ignore intuition, mainly out of the fear for the consequences of really using it. Children are often very in touch with their intuition, but the older adults become, the more they become trapped in fixed thought and behavioral patterns, hence reducing their sensitivity to their intuitive abilities. In school we are mostly taught rational abilities (writing, math etc), which systematically weeds out one of the most precious abilities humans possess; being in touch with our feelings.

Intuition becomes overwhelmed by fear based/thought based thinking, and instead of allowing things to unfold through trust, release, and acceptance, we more and more start to rationalize and think things through based on thought patterns which are often fear/ego based.

So how to recognize the difference between a fear based impulse, or an intuitive impulse?

Fear based impulses are charged, noisy, thought-based, while intuitive impulses are clean, simple, a direct ´knowing´ based on feeling. In most of our reactive behavior, we often first get an intuitive impulse, which we afterwards try to justify or rationalize through thinking. You often hear people say: ´i just acted, i did not know how i did it, it just happened´, and than afterwards they make up a whole story justifying their behavior.

Many people recognize this behavior: you were doing something, it turns into a drama, or a success, but deep own you already knew this was going to happen. You already intuitively had the knowledge, but just ignored that ´gut-feeling´. A ´gut-feeling´ is basically being in touch with your own energy-field, and feeling where this subtle tingling sensation in the body is guiding you is the key to being in touch with your intuition.

There are two ways to use intuition. Passive and active.

The passive use is when people access their ´gut-feeling´ not very consciously. We receive an intuitive impulse and act on it (sometimes even without being aware of it). Once this happens, we can make a mental note of it to see what happens if we did not follow that ´gut-feeling´.

To use it actively, ask yourself a question:

For example, do i want to go left, or right?

1: Formulate the question clearly.

2: Feel any tension in the body regarding the question.

3: Connect with your energy-field, or connect to your body and calm your thoughts, and ask the question: ´do i go left, or right´?

4: Feel what impulse comes up.

Now their are three options: Yes, No, No-response

When yes. Do it

When no. Do not do it

When no response. Wait and try later.

Another way to use this technique is to hold up both hands with the palms facing upwards.

Feel the energy in your hands or be present in the feeling of your hands.

Yes, is the right hand. No, is the left hand. Or the other way around, does not matter.

Ask the question.

If you feel tingling (energy moved) in the ´yes´ hand, it is yes.

If you feel tingling (energy moved) in the ´no´ hand, it is no.

If unclear. Wait and try later.

Any questions clearly formulated can be used with this technique. Now the funny thing of the mind is that when people use this technique, and the result is not in accordance with their expectance of what they think they want, they will create a whole story in their mind to rationalize why not to follow this intuitive feeling. When this happens, be aware of these fear based thought patterns which are a subtle form of self-sabotage, it shows how dominant our thinking process often is over our intuition and how easily we deceive ourselves.

Note how you feel calmer when listening to your intuition. Try this every day to train your intuition, it trains the mind and body to be less thought-based, and to live more through one´s intuitive feelings and energetic abilities. Years of making decisions based on rational thinking are not undone in a couple of weeks, It is important to state here that the rational mind and thought based thinking are not the enemy. On the contrary, thought based thinking is a powerful way to analyze problems, to focus, and to push oneself further, but also only one part of the mental abilities humans possess. The intuitive aspect can help with making the right decisions in life. True, ´right´ and ´wrong´ do not exist, these are mental constructs, but ´right´ in this context means that the heart and mind are aligned in what you do (as people often say: ´i do it, because it feels right´). It takes time and training to live a life which is more based on acceptance, trust, and letting go, but the result is often an improvement in health and a lot more of what people call ´having good luck´. Dissolving stuck emotions as discussed in last week´s post, and becoming aware of one´s intuition and energy, will bring one´s life to a more conscious balance.

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