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Weekly health/inner development post: Number 3: How to fall asleep fast and easy

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

A lot of people have difficulty falling asleep. They lie in bed overthinking things, or simply listening to a mind that is never silent. Some people even plan the next day already in their head.

Stress, tension, and too much concentration on the thinking process, causes even more energy to build up in the mind (where attention goes, energy flows), the thinking process becomes even stronger, and as a result falling asleep is even harder.

To fall asleep easily, the trick is to bring the energy from the head down into the body, mainly the belly.

  • When you lie in bed, put your finger on your bellybutton

  • Become aware of your thoughts and let them float by like clouds (do not get hooked by them: observe)

  • Feel the area behind your belly button (in time that area will get warm or tingles)

  • If you catch yourself lost in thought, push with your finger on the bellybutton and bring your attention back to your belly

  • Put your tongue against your pallet and imagine all thoughts flowing from your head to your belly like a waterfall

Doing this daily will result in less energy being stuck in the head, less identification with thinking, a calmer mind, a calmer body, and falling asleep faster and with more ease.

Important is to do it daily since the positive effects accumulate. The calmer the mind becomes, the easier it is to feel the energy flowing down to the belly. Putting your attention on a different part of the body, instead of on the mind, increases awareness of your body, energy field, and as a result a less ´thought-based´ experience of reality resulting in a stronger sensation of peace and calm.

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