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Weekly health/inner development post: Number 1: Conserving sexual energy

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Throughout history, many famous people, like Da Vinci, Kant, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Newton, Beethoven, Tesla, Pythagoras, Buddhist Masters, Taoist Masters, Jewish masters, (serious) Catholic monks, all knew that conserving sexual energy has benefits. However few knew why this was the case. So what actually happens in our body? The body is a bio-electric machine. Basically a vehicle of meat through which bio-matter (blood, nutrients) flow, and through which energy (neural electricity) flows. In Taoism, energy is called chi (in India prana) sexual energy is called (ching), and consciousness is called (Shen). In many esoteric part of religious traditions we see the same transformation: conserving sexual energy can increase bodily energy which increases awareness. Now most people will say, ´bull-shit´, ´look at the church, they repress sexual energy, and they cannot control it and it overflows into raping children (everybody knows you cannot dam a will overflow, but you have to re-route it). So repressing sexual energy will not work, one has to re-route it in the energy channels of the body (Chinese medicine calls these channels acupuncture channels, in India they are called nadis), they are the channels through which bio-electric energy in the body flows. The goal of inner practice, or meditation, is to calm the mind so much that we can feel the flow of this energy. Once we can feel it, we re-route the sexual energy through our spine, into our brain, and down the front of our body again. Sexual energy is the battery of our body, and the strongest power the human body possesses. Being celibate for a while, or drastically reducing the ejaculation frequency, will result in an increase in well-being, more strength (mohammed ali knew his and practiced this), and if you re-route it, it will dramatically increase creativity and mental focus (the big ones in history mentioned before knew this). Important to mention here is that women mainly lose their sexual energy through their period and pregnancy, and men through semen (every woman knows a man is so tired after ejaculation and every man knows a woman is very tired when having their period, which is caused by a loss of sexual energy). Men and women can both learn to conserve it using the practice of the microcosmic orbit for example or the taoist secrets of love. Important to state that its also possible to master these techniques, still have an orgasm, but not ejaculate. So one has both benefits, conserving sexual power, but still the joy of sex. However, in the beginning, to rapidly improve your health, a period of conservation is recommended. In our over-pornified society, filled with psychologists and sexologists who have no idea how to feel energy (and continuously promote masturbation as healthy, even though excessive masturbation is very detrimental to the body), it is wisest to by highly critical of what is accepted as normal in society (as krishnamurti said: ´it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society´). In the beginning, to rapidly improve your health and refill your energy reserves, a period of sexual restraint and conservation is recommended. In our society, where psychologists and sexologists have no idea how to feel energy or of the subtleties of inner work, this kind of advice will not go down well. People do everything to try to stay young: exercise, operations, injections, creams, all kinds of strange treatments, without realising that the only way to live long is to conserve the strongest power in the body, literally the battery which determines our life-span:our sexual energy. This is known in any old healing or esoteric system, from Ayurveda to Taoism to Shamanism to the Kaballah. Suffice it to say, that a normal life in modern society, and the amount of toxins and stress normal humans are exposed to, is draining a lot of energy. By calming our mind, learning to feel energy, and understanding the subtle dynamic between energy, sexual energy, and consciousness, our health, well-being, inner strength and creativity can be taken to the next level.

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