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Direct realisation article

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Direct realization

On inner work, energy and sexual energy


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Direct Realization

Chapter 3: Energy work

Chapter 4: Transform sexual energy

Chapter 5: Begin

Chapter 6: Recommended

Chapter 1: Introduction

To amplify the strength with which one conducts the inner work towards direct realization requires focus, dedication, honesty, physical and energetic strength, and perseverance. To amplify these qualities, we need the most powerful tools available to a human being; mental focus, in the form of concentration, human energy, and specifically sexual energy.

This is not a document about love, happiness, mindfulness, or other mind numbing material so widely spread by ´fast-food spirituality´, which usually comes down to money gathering, energy stealing, or a basic ego trip by teacher and audience. This document is for people who realize that real inner work (or so-called ´spiritual work´), is serious business, and that any realization ever achieved by any awakened human being, can be verified and experienced through hard and serious work by any other human being.

This document is written with the goal of providing a short overview of what serious inner work consists of. Real advancement can be made towards finding out what or who we really are, or what or who we are not, and with persistence and dedication, direct realization can be reached. Any other terms which means direct realization (enlightenment, truth, satori, sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi, God-realization, Allah etc..) will not be used here. Coming to a definitive conclusion about who or what we are, based on a rational, logic, language based use of the mind, leads to a very limited perception of reality and one´s own sense of self or ´I´. This document will give a short overview of techniques that include the feeling, intuitive, energetic, and sexual abilities which the mind and body have at its disposal, next to the logical and rational side, and which are crucial on the path to direct realization. Contrary to what is widely believed and promoted nowadays by ´fast-food spirituality´, direct realization cannot be attained while being in a relationship, while wasting sexual energy, or by functioning in so-called ´normal society´. Any direct realization by people in history has always been preceded by a long struggle in solitude with tremendous focus and determination. Now many people might freak out due to the word ´energy´, but one can also call it magnetic or electric tension, power, bio-electricity, or whatever one wants to name it. Fact is, when the mind that is dominated by language (words and thoughts) calms down, the resulting sensitivity will result in the realization that our sense of self consists of many overlapping layers of energy and consciousness. Due to the overload of useless information on the internet, and the ´superficiality´ and over-extended size of many so-called spiritual books that are published, this document will be kept as short and condensed as possible. Emphasize is put here on the fact that denying or ignoring the energetic and sexual aspects of inner work is the reason why so few reach direct realization, or maintain this realization permanently. This document will not intend to initiate a ´glimpse´ of realization through poetic words, a beautiful story, or ´inner pointers´. No need for glimpses, because the goal of inner work is direct realization (in other words, why offer short bursts of air when we need to breathe). No need to complicate things, so attempts to catch direct realization in paradoxical terms are also passed over, since a sign of direct realization is the ability to explain things simply and directly. What is provided here is a toolbox one can use on the path to direct realization (being well aware that tools are crucial on the path towards direct realization, but annihilated and discarded once the destination is reached). The author is only interested that people take inner work seriously. Many years of unconscious living, making terrible mistakes, and carnage on mind and body, led to the necessary tension at a young age to focus on real inner work consisting of many years of extensive studies, isolation, retreat, celibacy, and visits to all kind of healers and spiritual teachers. Any technique recommended in this document, has been personally verified to be effective by the author, and a rigorous selection has been made of what is useful, or not useful, to speed up the process towards direct realization. Having used the body and mind as a laboratory to find out what really works on the energetic and inner path, this document is a small guide to what might be useful for any serious student dedicated to inner work with the goal of direct realization.

Chapter 2: Direct realization

What is direct realization? Direct realization is the ability to directly perceive the union of perceiver, perception, perceived: to stabilize this realization even in normal day-to-day life is the goal of any honest focused inner work, also-called the quest for enlightenment in many philosophical or spiritual traditions. To be a bit more precise, it has to be added here that the only way to reach direct realization, is by retreating into the mind, with the mind, and removing all the layers that make up our sense of ´I´. At one point, after removing all these layers, one realizes one is everything, ´unity consciousness´, or universal consciousness´, and if one pushes even deeper, one reaches the absolute (which is beyond all perception). So how can we directly perceive the union of perceiver, perception, perceived, if this absolute can never be perceived? Well, because consciousness opens up so much thanks to this realization, the best way to describe it, is that this ´nothingness´ shines through consciousness (the everything-ness). Direct realization means that one ´knows´ beyond any doubt that one is everything and nothing, and perceives reality literally like that: one sees oneself in everything, and the nothingness shines through. Clearly impossible to put into words, but this is as close as one can get into explaining it in words.

Why? Why would we want or strive for direct realization? The reduced ´I-consciousness´ (also-called ego), is an extremely limited way of perceiving reality and severely limits the intuitive and energetic abilities we posses as human beings. It leads to all the behavior which we associate with ´normal´ human behavior: stress, anxiety, fear, lust, greed, etc.. As a human being, being cut of from direct realization, leads to a continuous state of unease with one´s own sense of ´I´, and directly leads to the current state of human affairs one can see on this planet. Now any expanded state of consciousness will already lead to a more interesting, conscious, connected, and in general ´happy´ life, but it will not end the struggle with the ´I´ for good, only direct-realization will do that. Will direct realization radically change your world? The answer is yes, it is a profound transformation. Can it be understood by the mind, in words, in language, in concepts, in feelings, in anything? No. Only direct realization will provide clarity, and direct realization only happens after a long time of intense effort and total dedication. Direct realization can never be taught, bought or acquired, so no reason to pay teachers since with honesty and focus one can be one´s own teacher. Will it make one finally understand the underlying causes of so many processes and behavior we observe in our realities, in ourselves, in humanity, and in the world? A big ´yes´ as well. Will it make one in a way ´different´, than other human beings? Yes, and no. ´Yes´, because it will make one an outsider to the paradigm of reality most people consider ´normal´, but at the same time ´No´, because after direct realization, one realizes that one is the same as everything else, and nothing could ever be wrong (although knowing and perceiving that nothing can ever be wrong is strange in a world inhabited by humans that think all the time that things are wrong).

Chapter 3: Energy Work.

What is energy work? Energy work consists of becoming more conscious of one´s own energy field. Why do energy work? By opening up the energy channels, cleaning out the energy in the organs, amplifying one´s energy by conserving and recycling sexual energy, and creating energetic shielding around the physical body, one can feel stronger, more balanced, and protected from negative outside energies (bad energies and vibrations from other people, electro-magnetic radiation, psychic influences). Direct realization, without proper energetic protection, is to put it straight, perilous. It is similar to walking naked in a hail storm, and wondering why you catch a cold at the end. The lack of energetic protection can lead to bad energies hooking on to your energy field, emotions of other people jumping over, subtle psychic influences affecting or invading your energetic system or mind, your nervous and energetic system being overloaded by outside magnetic or electric radiation, or an overall over-sensitivity to all stimuli (in short, modern society is a total overload for the energy body). There is a good reason most realized people do prolonged retreats in nature, or permanently live in caves, isolated places or energetically serene places.

-To become sensitive to energy, and balance the basic bodily energy, use the micro-cosmic orbit (see recommended reading: awakening healing energy through the tao). There are thousands of energy techniques, but this one is simple, and very effective.

-To dissolve stuck emotions: sit down, feel your body-mind complex, be aware of your own energetic presence (feel your bodily presence, consciously inhabit your body), notice tension in a certain area, follow the tension to that area without letting it turn into words or thoughts, go to the core of tension, stay with the core of the tension until it dissolves into emptiness. This is hard in the beginning, but with practice come results.

-To dissolve strong beliefs, persuasions, opinions etc.: feel the energy field around you, reach out with your mind, stay with that feeling of an energetic boundary of tension around you, now focus on the feeling of emptiness around that energetic tension. Bring that feeling of emptiness to the energetic tension. Allow the energetic tension to dissolve into emptiness. These are basic awareness or mindfulness techniques, but his is one is useful to break through rapidly.

-To channel and charge energy to partly dissolve your sense of ´I´ and charge the body-mind complex with energy: Feel the mind-body. Reach out with your mind into the void around you. Feel energetic pressure building up around you. Surrender to this pressure totally. A massive light or pressure will crash in the body-mind complex through the head. Allow this pressure to dissolve any tension in body-mind complex and remain empty and full of power.

So if one encounters emotional residue, or other identification with the ´I´, or periods of energetic weakness during the struggle for direct realization, these techniques can be used to combat it. There are thousands of other techniques, but the goal here is to keep the tools easy to use.

Chapter 4: Transform sexual energy

To break through the ´ego-perspective´ to direct realization (permanent stabilization in consciousness that everything is nothing), we need to generate tremendous power to create the necessary tension to ´break through to the other side´. Years of inner struggle, frustration, stress, or looking at a blank wall for years (like zen monks do), can create enough tension to break through, but there is a way to speed up this process. Accumulated sexual energy can provide an increase in tension building quickly. Sexual energy is the battery of our body, and the strongest power the human body possesses. Serious inner work, requires one to discard a lot of popular beliefs, about almost any topic, so to keep it simple: celibacy is a useful tool to speed up the process of tension building which can lead to direct realization, but evidently, in our over-pornified society where we celebrate the indulgence in sex and the loss of sexual power, this kind of advice will not go down well. People do everything to try to stay young: exercise, operations, injections, creams, all kinds of bullshit, without realizing that the only way to live long is to conserve the strongest power in the body, literally the battery which determines our life-span: our sexual energy. This is known in any old healing or esoteric system, from Ayurveda to Taoism to Shamanism to the Kaballah. Suffice it to say, that a normal life in modern society, and the amount of toxins and stress normal humans are exposed to, is draining a lot of energy. A stop to social activities, a time of celibacy and energy conservation techniques (fasting, meditation) can reverse a lot of the damage done by literally charging the human body with a lot more power than it can normally handle. By doing this, one literally turns the body into a thicker ´electricity cable´ that can handle and maintain a higher charge. But only through direct personal experience can one verify any knowledge or intuitive feeling, so try to be celibate a month, and any person will see what tension and power this creates. Also learn about Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, or other healing modalities, what kind of body type you have, healthy eating methods, and other techniques to charge the body. Also adjust your diet when celibate (not spicy stuff, garlic, onion, heavy meats etc.). Cultivating (not repressing it, learning how to properly channel in the energy channels) and using this power is crucial.

  • feel the energetic pressure in balls or vagina, relax, allow this energy to flow up and down through the micro-cosmic orbit, the thrusting channels and the regulator and bridge channels, bring it down to navel and store it. See mantak chia´s work for detailed techniques and maps of these channels. Iron shirt chi gong 3 techniques, with scrotal and vaginal wait lifting for men and women is useful for long-term celibacy as well. Richard Rose´s work on energy transmutation, sex, entities, and spiritual work, is also very useful. After direct realization, celibacy can be continued, or dis-continued. Conserving and amplifying sexual energy in the body is useful to create the necessary tension build-up towards direct realization, but once direct realization happens, surrender is complete and the tension building is no longer necessary. An accumulation of tension is therefore no longer necessary or needed (although if one integrates sexual energy properly in the energy body, one can continue being celibate with no problem, use that energy to heal people, or share it with a partner to reach the most profound levels of connection two human beings can have through valley-orgasms etc.).

Chapter 5: Begin

Direct realization can only happen with intense effort and dedication. If there was one technique to bring it about, that would be great, but there is no effort or technique that can bring about direct realization. True inner work is a negation process, a removal of all identification with the small ´I´. What we do with the mental and energetic techniques recommended here is to accelerate the process of emptying out the ´I´ to come to the realization that there is no real fixed ´I´, which can lead to the necessary massive tension and frustration with that ´I´, which can be followed by total surrender of that ´I´ and direct realization. One has to become obsessed with the question ´who am I´, or with finding out what or whom one really is and what reality really is. There are so many distractions, gurus, books, techniques, so be ultra critical, because the small sense of self (the ´I-identity, or ego) loves nothing more than to be busy and learn about spirituality, without actually putting in the hard work all on its own. Train your mind to be skeptical about everything and always ask ´is this helping me on my path to find our who i really am, or is this just another distraction (which most books, videos, teachers, and mind-calming techniques are). If it involves softness, feeling good, being part of a community, paying or charging money, conspiracy theories, strange objects, ´surrendering yourself to be part of something´, surrender of the power of the mind to be critical, or any other distraction in the spiritual swamp, be on guard. If one wonders why so few succeed, it is the simple fact that distractions (talks, teachers, gurus, spiritual groups, communities, many books etc.) fool the small sense of self into believing it is going somewhere, while it should actually turn around and turn on itself like a laser-scalpel. Clearly, this does not happen, because most people want the group feeling, follow the guru, feel calm and good, and live under the illusion that progress is being made. The mind has to be irritated to wake up, not put to sleep. It is crucial as well to ignore anybody that says ´calm the mind, be at peace, no effort needs to be done, you are already complete, searching only makes it worse...etc´. One does not open one´s eyes, by keeping them closed. And of course, once direct realization happens, no more effort is needed and all tools to dismantle the ´I´ are discarded, but this does not mean that no effort was needed from the beginning to reach a state of no-effort, on the contrary. One can therefore dispense quickly with any teaching promoting a no-effort approach. Direct realization can never come about without the necessary tension building process of dismantling the ´I´. In short, doing nothing and thinking all is okay and well, that no effort is needed, is not going to lead to realization. It means one is content with being asleep, which is fine for herd-behavior, but we are talking here about getting out of the herd. Yes, harsh words, but just have a look around......go to some spiritual talks, watch some videos, read some pop-spirituality books, and be critical, it is not so hard to see what is going on in the spiritual marketplace. Direct realization cannot be learned or bought, and inner work cannot be taught. It can only be done. Inner work is a process each human body can go through if the motivation is there, and it can be speeded up drastically by knowing how to properly use certain mental and energy techniques.

Eating healthy organic food, helps the physical body to stay more or less chemically balanced, which is useful when the body and mind are subjected to the tension and stress of the struggle for direct realization. Going on a long retreat in nature is a possibility, however it is hard to find enough food. How to grow a lot of healthy food for free with little work can be achieved in any garden. Learning what wild plants to eat is also useful. To increase our chances of success, a strong physical body, an open energy body, and the accumulation and power of sexual energy, combined with an obsession and dedication to finding out who you are, can lead to the level of tension necessary for total surrender and direct realization. Yes, this can only be done alone. Yes, celibacy is an excellent tool to speed up this process. Yes, energetic protection is useful to learn. No, staying in society, in a job, surrounded by friends and family is not a good idea and will lead to guaranteed failure. Contrary to what many people or teachers might claim, a real process of awakening cannot be done while maintaining the attachments of the ´I´ (to work, family, ideas, beliefs, etc.) Yes, this is a very tough path to take. Most people that awakened began real inner work after intense suffering, a deep crisis, or with some inner obsession to find out who they are (also makes sense......because why take apart your sense of self when one feels fine, or when one is happy to just keep feeling better). Only the hatred of the false sense of self, seeing through the lies and illusions one constantly creates for oneself, creates the necessary power to focus. Can one still feel amazing and happy without direct realization? Of course, any inner work can make one ecstatic, and there are thousands of modalities, teachers, and consciousness-altering and energy-techniques to feel calm and relaxed, but only direct realization will bring a true end to the small ´I´ and the useless search for peace and happiness in the material realm. Only direct realization will lead to the direct perception that everything is nothing. Train yourself to be your own teacher, because what the ´I´ likes most is to be part of a group, to find a new spiritual identity, and be enslaved forever in superficiality, so better open your eyes and be honest. And yes, the frustration one feels just by reading this document, by being confronted with the fact that real inner work is tough, that frustration one feels, that is the small ´I´, the ego, already fighting back. That urge to just forget about it, to say this is all bullshit, to just ´take it easy´, that is the feeling of the real defensive structure of the ´I´ that we are up against, and it will not lie down quietly......on the contrary....the harder one fights....the more tension one creates....the more tricks it will pull out to convince you to stop. Real inner work usually takes multiple years. Begin with focussing on the question ´who am I´, and realize that anything one can observe or perceive is not what one can be. Sit in silence, and focus the mind on the space between thoughts, until the mind totally yields. Write out what you are not, with the goal of emptying out the mind. Focus on drawing in universal power until it totally dissolves your sense of self. It all comes down to dissolving that ´I-identity´ on your own. What is claimed as direct realization by the masses of spiritual teachers is mostly like saying McDonald´s is a three star Michelin restaurant. Many claim to be awake, while anyone with direct realization will look through a fake in a second. Most who achieved it (and yes, there is no ´it´ to achieve, but we are dispensing here with the paradoxical stuff) are not well known. Why are most awakened people not well known, because why would people that advocate leaving the famous in the herd??? Only teachers that confirm and validate herd behavior are famous and even get paid for and applauded by that herd. Many paths are available, many have tried, and most have failed. Does it involve money, a group, a community, a guru, a teacher, staying with friends, family, marriage, staying in a normal job, or only partial dedication........than it is not a path to direct realization. Many will claim it is, but it is not. Period. Why? Because of widespread ignorance on the essentials of energetic and inner work, and a total lack of what true inner work really entails. In the end, only dedication, honesty, and perseverance will get one to direct realization, so no need to say any more. Focus, train that mind to be critical and its own teacher, learn to feel energy and conserve sexual energy, ignore human herd behavior, train oneself to look where nobody wants to look, ask the why and who....and the why of the why.... and be determined.

Chapter 6: Recommended

To begin a struggle to find out who or what we really or, books and reading material can provide crucial incentives. Books can be mirrors to reflect one´s own mind upon, give new challenges, and the realization that one is not alone in trying to discover what existence and reality is about. Thanks as well to the internet, countless hours were spent reading articles and searching for interesting information regarding inner work. However, there is an overload of ´superficial books´ available, an overkill of information on the internet, and the very superficial quality and depth of many books being published nowadays does not help. The search for direct realization is intense, so we need good tools: a more or less healthy physical body, a strong energy to focus, and the means to reflect our thoughts in proper short...we need good books and useful documents with practical knowledge....and apply it to our own inner work. The more we progress by dismantling the ´I´, the more we discard as well the tools that also form a part of that ´I´, but in the beginning we first need to find the tools to even begin the inner work. Books can help us with this, so hereby a condensed reading list of some books which can really disturb the mind or provide useful information and techniques. In the beginning of serious inner work, one does not want to pacify the mind, on the contrary, one wants to destabilize it to realize the grip the small ´I´ holds over consciousness and one´s reality. These books need concentration, dedication, and create or amplify the tension necessary to keep digging deeper in oneself.

Philosophy, Esotericism, Consciousness, Spirituality:

The Albigen Papers: Richard Rose (and his other books)

Mud And water – A collection of talks by the Zen master Bassui

The conquest of illusion – J. J. Van der Leeuw

Spiritual Enlightenment: the damnedest thing – Jed Mckenna (and his other books, enlightenment trilogy, the dreamstate trilogy and the Jed talks trilogy)

The zen teachings of Huang Po: on transmission of mind – John Blofield

Electrical Chrisitanity: L Ron Gardner (have a look at the recommended reading list, very useful)

I am that – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (´consciousness and the absolute´ also recommended)

Skeletons – Ikkyu

Sri Ramana Gita – Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (a rare one that deals with the heart-knot, which is crucial esoteric information missed out by the largest part of spiritual and advaita teachers nowadays)

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

On the taboo against knowing who you are – Alan Watts (good intro, but lacks depth)

Bernado Kastrup – many books

It is not complicated to become sensitive to bodily energy, to learn how to balance it in an easy way and amplify it, and to prevent serious physical and energetic side-effects during the intense struggle for direct realization. There are thousands of books on energy, yoga, reiki, etc., so many forms and techniques, but the goal of spiritual work is not energetic serenity, the goal is direct realization. So to keep it simple, this books provides one very effective technique to stay fit and balance energy during the struggles for direct realization: the micro-cosmic orbit. One can see it as a technique to keep the engine running during hard times, so a useful tool for any toolbox.

Energy, learn how to feel energy:

Awakening healing energy through the Tao – Mantak Chia (and his many other books)

Techniques on how to channel sexual power in the energy channels and transform this power, and the how and why of celibacy:

Sexual energy transformation:

The sex connection – Alan Fitzpatrick.

Taoist Secrets of love (for men), and Healing love through the tao (for women) – Mantak Chia

Energy transmutation, inbetween-ness, transmission – Richard Rose

Thanks to the internet, there is basically an unlimited amount of information available. A list could be made, with massive amounts of books and tips. However, the goal of this document, is to provide the most condensed document possible on how to focus one´s being on the quest toward direct realization, what techniques to use, or what good material to read that is useful during this process. With this in mind, any serious seeker, struggling on his own, who intuitively resonates with this document and is on a path of real inner work, will realize the value of some of the information given here. This document is about cultivating the attitude necessary for real inner work, how to focus, and how to find useful material. If this attitude is understood and integrated, any serious person will automatically continue on his own until the destination is reached. The universe will respond to any honest attempt at inner work, so any person who does a serious attempt to find the source of the ´I´ or reality with honest determination, will encounter the material and help needed for his or her own unique journey.

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