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Human civilisation is mainly focused on outward development. In politics, economics, technology, medicine, social media, and other human activities, human civilisation is focused mainly and increasingly on outward development. Inner development has been left far behind in comparison to the advancement of other human activities. Inner development in this context means our inner abilities: expanding consciousness, being able to feel energy, and asking serious questions like: ‘who am I’, ‘what is the I’, ‘what is consciousness´, ´what is truth´, what is ´enlightenment’, ´how can i feel energy´, ‘what does energetic and inner development really mean’,  ´how do i begin and apply real inner development in my life´. Serious inner development leads to the dissolving/resolving of these questions, a radical change of being, and less identification with a limited sense of self (the ´I´). This website provides resources for serious inner development, while also providing information and material to be less ´enslaved´ by the pressures of the modern world. One can get overwhelmed by the amount of (very low quality) information available nowadays, so this website tries to select quality information. 

Regular posts will be made on a variety of subjects: inner development, energetic development, sexual development, observations of human behaviour, health tips. Recommended reading lists, documentaries, movies, series, websites, are all linked to inner development. 

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